Black box from Lion Air crash took back to shore


JAKARTA: On the fourth day of a serious nonstop inquiry, Indonesian authorities on Thursday (Nov 1) brought one of the secret elements from Lion Air flight JT610 to shore in northern Jakarta, a key leap forward in the mission to find the purposes behind the deadly accident that killed every one of the 189 individuals on load up.

The flight information recorder was welcomed at the Jakarta International Container Terminal by Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and Soerjanto Tjahjono, the leader of Indonesia’s vehicle security advisory group (KNKT).

“At long last early today, we discovered one of the two secret elements introduced in the airship. It is in all likelihood that this black box is the flight information recorder (FDR). When we land to the lab we will discover. Be that as it may, we trust it is the FDR,” Soerjanto said.

It will make an unmistakable picture about the plane’s last minutes and the reasons it tumbled from the sky.

It is probably going to take up to about fourteen days to download the majority of the information.

In the interim, the chase proceeds for the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder.

“We are additionally attempting to locate the other black box. We trust that with this discovering we can fathom the secret of why this flying machine was engaged with this mischance,” he said.

Jumpers met by nearby media said they were compelled to cover into the mud on the seabed at profundities of no less than 32 meters with the end goal to discover the recorder.

Poor permeability and submerged flows had slowed down the mission, in spite of pings from the discovery giving teams solid prompt its area.

More body parts and plane flotsam and jetsam were additionally conveyed to land to be handled.

Specialists from the United States were seen looking at firmly a portion of the trash with their Indonesian partners.

It is trusted that most of the groups of the 189 travelers on load up the airship will be found inside its fuselage, the principle structure of the plane.

Specialists are yet to affirm on the off chance that they have found it after a few false leads on Wednesday drove them to coral harvests and shipwrecks.


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